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StudioPRO Junior 50mm Refracting Telescope

 StudioPRO Junior 50mm Refracting Telescope Buy Now on Amazon.com

StudioPRO Junior 50mm Refracting Telescope was listed on Amazon for $85.00, selling for $44.97 USD brand new. Manufactured by StudioPRO. There are 2 units left brand new.

Product Overview

The StudioPRO Junior 50mm Refracting Telescope features a 3X Barlow lens and interchangeable eyepieces which provide different levels of magnification. This telescope includes a precision ground 45 degree prism which allows for correct orientation of viewing through the telescope. The Junior 50mm Refracting Telescope has been designed to provide views of the moon’s craters, Jupiter’s major moons, and Saturn’s rings, in addition to dozens of galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae. As a terrestrial telescope, it delivers great views of mountains, valleys, and many other features of the world around us. The StudioPRO Scope is dedicated to exploring the Universe. It offers power and portability. The Scope is easy to use and offers glass optics to produce clear and crisp images.

Technical Specs

Aperture: 50mm
Focal Length: 360mm f/7
Diagonal Prisms: 45° Erector
Eyepiece: H6mm H20mm
Barlow Lens: 3X
Tripod: Aluminum
Max Height: 38cm

StudioPRO Junior 50mm Refracting Telescope

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $44.97 brand new

Save 47% ($40.03) by purchasing on Amazon.com

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