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Orion 8941 42mm DeepView Eyepiece

 Orion 8941 42mm DeepView Eyepiece Buy Now on Amazon.com

Orion 8941 42mm DeepView Eyepiece was listed on Amazon for $94.99, selling for $94.99 USD brand new. Manufactured by Orion. There are 2 units left brand new. If you prefer this product in used condition, there are 1 left on Amazon starting at $69.57.

Some great features of this product include:

  • This 42mm 2″ telescope eyepiece offers bright, sharp and pleasing images of deep-space objects
  • Eyepiece’s 3-element lens design with multi-coatings ensures efficient light transmission for clear, vivid views
  • Eye relief is a long 20mm, particularly attractive to eyeglass wearers
  • Views through the 42mm DeepView eyepiece are delightfully free of pincushion distortion and chromatic aberration
  • Threaded for use with 2″ eyepiece filters

Assuming that you don’t subscribe to the misconception that strong magnification gives better views of deep-sky objects, then our new DeepView 2″ eyepieces should excite you. Why? Because the brightest and sharpest images of deep-space objects are obtained with low power and a wide field of view. And DeepView 2″ eyepieces deliver just that. This eyepiece features anodized aluminum housings and a 3-element lens design with multi-coatings for efficient light transmission. Eye relief is 20mm — a welcome spec for eyeglass wearers — and the rubber eyeguards fold down out of the way if desired. Apparent fields of view is a generous 52-deg. Delightfully free of pincushion distortion and chromatic aberration, these eyepieces will impress even the seasoned deep-sky observer. The barrels are threaded to accept 2″ filters.

Orion 8941 42mm DeepView Eyepiece

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Starting at $69.57 used

Buy for $94.99 brand new

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