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Orion 52026 2-Inch Precision Centering Extension Adapter (Black)

 Orion 52026 2-Inch Precision Centering Extension Adapter (Black) Buy Now on Amazon.com

Orion 52026 2-Inch Precision Centering Extension Adapter (Black) was listed on Amazon for $41.19, selling for $41.19 USD brand new. Manufactured by Optronic Technologies, Inc. There are 2 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Handy extension adapter precisely centers 2 inch eyepieces or accessories in a telescope’s 2 inch focuser
  • Features a lateral compression mechanism for delightfully accurate centering of 2 inch accessories
  • Centering rollers will not scratch or mar inserted eyepiece, collimating device, or other accessory barrels
  • Ideal for accurate collimation tool use in reflector telescopes
  • Adds 1.7 inch” (43mm) of extension

The Orion 2 inch Precision Centering Extension Adapter allows you to accurately center any 2 inch eyepiece or accessory in a 2 inch telescope focuser. Most standard 2 inch focusers use a metal thumbscrew to secure an inserted eyepiece or accessory in place, which pushes the inserted barrel laterally, i.e., off-center. This can make observations less than ideal, and can reduce the usefulness of collimating tools. To avoid such inaccurate centering, the Orion 2 inch Precision Centering Adapter features a precise lateral compression mechanism. Once a 2 inch accessory is inserted into the adapter, a simple clockwise rotation of the knurled top ring moves two rollers toward the exact center of the optical axis, precisely centering the accessory and securing it in-place. The adapter is easy to use and is especially great for optically fast telescopes in which the eyepiece’s “sweet spot” position of focus is critical for obtaining optimal views. The Orion 2 inch Precision Centering Extension Adapter is especially useful for centering 2 inch eyepieces and imaging cameras on the center axis of a telescope’s light path. The adapter also provides 1.7 inch (43mm) of extension which is often needed when a star diagonal is not used with refractor or Cassegrain telescopes. It’s also ideal for use with reflector telescopes for critical centering of a collimating device. The adapter fits in 2 inch focusers and will not scratch your inserted accessories. Made of machined, anodized aluminum.

Orion 52026 2-Inch Precision Centering Extension Adapter (Black)

Buy Now on Amazon.com

Buy for $41.19 brand new

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